Who can benefit from Melbourne Self Storage?

Our self storage facilities are enormously flexible in terms of size, design, price and location. We own the self storage titles outright we can even specifically tailor a self storage facility for your exact requirements. Therefore just about anyone can benefit from MSS.

How much does it cost to store our goods with you?

You will be surprised at how economical self storage is and even more surprised at how much you can actually store.

Generally our charges are $20 per square metre per month inclusive of GST, however, due to our large range of self storage facilities we recommend that you enquire directly with our sales team.

What can I store?

You can store anything you like as long as it is not dangerous, illegal, highly inflammable, perishable, precious or alive!

Can I drive to my unit?

Yes - the vast majority of self storage facilities are accessibly by driving to your self storage door.

Do I have 24 hour access, 7 days per week?


What is the minimum - maximum period I can store my goods for?

Traditionally the minimum period is 1 month, however, a shorter period can be arranged in certain circumstances. There is no maximum period. Note that we do require 1 months written notice if you wish to cancel your self storage agreement.

What about insurance?

The cost for self storage does not include any insurance. Our experience suggests that the most cost effective way to cover your self storage facility is to extend your current household insurance to cover your self storage facility.

How can I transport my goods to your self storage facility?

We have a number of specialist removal companies that we highly recommend to support you through this process. Alternatively you are welcome to do it yourself.

How can I pay for my unit?

We will invoice you on a monthly basis. Payment must be received monthly in advance. You can pay for periods in advance (ie 3 months, 6 months, 12 months). We accept credit cards, cheques and direct debit into our account. Cash can be accepted via agreement with Management.